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LGCA Membership Application

Membership is limited to Corvette owners and, with the exception of national organizations, members cannot belong to any other local Corvette club. A membership application is available for viewing and printing below,  The process of joining should be completed within 3 months to provide some continuity.


Membership requirements include attending one Club Meeting and one Social Event. Those interested in joining should bring a completed membership application to their first business meeting and check in with our "Membership committee" at the Clements Center meeting hall entrance.


Prospective members are voted in at their second business meeting by those in attendance. Dues are $120 a year, but are pro-rated for the remaining months of the year if membership starts after February. 


Your membership experience can be enhanced by volunteering for committees within the club that plan and execute the various activities we all enjoy!


Fill out our application form and bring it to your first business meeting. Our Membership committee will start the process, which requires attendance at 1 business meeting and 1 social event within 3 months. 

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