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About Our Club

The Looking Glass Corvette Association was formed in 1973 as a Colorado not-for-profit organization with a multi-layered mission within the community.  We are a car club, first and foremost, with our ownership of Corvettes forming a common bond. The club supports a variety of charities through direct donations and participation in fund raising activities. We also promote awareness of the Corvette, the original American sports car, while we enjoy our cars and the social activities they allow us to participate in. Business meetings are held once a month, along with 1-2 organized events. During the busy summer months, you can have a choice of activities just about every weekend. The club stays busy with day trips/rallys, local parades, charity car shows, and occasional multiday road trips, some out of state. The winter months, when our cars are parked, mean indoor activities occupy our time, to include the Annual Christmas Party in December. Information on the club's planned activities can be found under the "Club Activities" tab and its associated subpages. Membership numbers vary year to year, but average approximately 125 with around 200-230 individual members. Business meetings usually have 80-120 members in attendance and last about 90 minutes plus social time. Members can also start the evening at nearby reastaurants before joining the group at the Clements Center. Two of the local restaurants support LGCA's charities by contributing a percentage of the bill. "Reflections" is the club newsletter and is available to everyone on this site. Browsing through several editions of "Reflections" will give you a great idea of what the club is all about. Come join the fun!!




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