The text below was posted a few months back, but it is time for an update. The event planning committee will have its third meeting this week on 3 December. Roughly 800 emails and postcards were sent to Corvette clubs nationwide in September & October. We experienced a fairly high bounce rate on the emails and around 25% of the postcards were returned with "address unknown", which is concerning. Another email campaign involved clubs that attended in 2018-we received one response. We are soliciting feedback- if you or your club are even thinking about attending VOTR 2021, please send us an email at or via the club contact form on this website expressing your level of interest. At a minimum, registration for the event will be delayed 4-6 weeks, allowing us more time to asses interest levels and the success of the first part of the COVID vaccine effort.


 Let us try again! Covid 19 has thrown the damper on a lot of plans for 2020. Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better year for everyone. "Looking Glass Corvette Association" is pleased to announce that plans have been made to host VOTR at the Steamboat Springs Grand Resort during the weekend of 5-8 August, 2021.  A contract with "The Grand" has been signed and venues for the Funkhana and Show 'N Shine have been reserved. The event format will probably closely follow the 2018 event and what we had planned for 2020. Obviously, much more detail will follow later in the fall, but put the dates on your club calendars and start making your plans.