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The VOTR online store will enable you to select the logo items you want to pre-order. Prices for the "plus" sizes are part of your selection. Registration fees can also be paid. If you use the PayPal option (your own account or credit card), a cost recovery fee will be applied to cover the processing charged to LGCA. Regardless of how you decide to pay or send in your registration, please use the cost matrix on page 2 of the form to indicate the types and sizes of shirts you have ordered, how many people are attending, and your total fees. The paper form is our cross check & final word concerning your order. Size charts can also be found on page 2 of the form. Merchandise will be available for pickup with your registration package Thursday afternoon at The Grand.

                                    Two ways-pick one


 Pay by check:  You can use the online store and checkout via its shopping bag. Select the item you want by clicking on the appropriate box below "VOTR Store Selections". To add an additional person's registration fee, in the "shopping bag", just tap the carrot to increase the number of registrants. For shirts, clicking on "add more" will put another shirt of the same style & size in your bag. To delete an item in your bag, click on the "x" to the right of the item name. To return to the store or catalog to select another type of shirt, select that option under the item name. Click on your shopping bag below the pictures or the "checkout" icon from one of the item screens when you are done, and follow the prompts & instructions.


To use your Paypal account or credit/debit card:  Use the pictures & product  descriptions in the store to decide what you want to order, but don't actually select anything in the store. Once you have picked your items, use the PayPal "add to cart" buttons below and their options to select your items. Each time you select an item you will be taken to your cart. You can return to this page from your cart by selecting "continue shopping". Additional registrations can be paid after clicking the "add to cart" button under "registration fees" simply by clicking the "+" sign in the cart. Shirt options are accessed by clicking on the option window to open the drop down menu. You can also view your cart from this page to check the items there by using the "view cart" button below. Once done, select "checkout" from your cart. You can pay with your PayPal account if you have one, or with a credit or debit card. Disregard the "shipping" options-your items will be available at the hotel when you pick up your registration package. Look for the correct button on the checkout screen- PayPal will try to get you to establish an account, but it is not necessary. Again, make sure you put all your selections on page 2 of your registration. 

VOTR Store Selections

Use PayPal, Credit , Debit