The VOTR online store will enable you to select the logo items you want to pre-order. Prices for the "plus" sizes are part of your selection. Registration fees can also be paid. If PayPal is used, a cost recovery fee will be applied to cover the processing charged to LGCA. You can pick your items here and then enter them in the cost matrix on page 2 of the registration form, using the "old fashioned" paper & check method if you would like.  Otherwise......To start for shirts: 1) click on the item. The product description can be expanded by clicking on "show more". Choose your size and then click "add to bag". Clicking "add more" will add another item of the same type & size to your bag. To continue shopping click "back to catalog" under the item name. Click "checkout" from any product screen to go to the next step. 2) 1st checkout screen: enter your email. If you have your own PayPal account or PayPal credit card, & want to use them, click the appropriate selection. Otherwise click "checkout" again. 3) select "pay by check" or "PayPal". 3a) with the check option, fill in your personal information and click continue until the order is placed. Mail your check. 3b) with a "PayPal" selection, select "pay with debit or credit card" on the next screen. Fill in your card and billing information and then click continue until the order is placed. You should get a "thank you for your order" screen when finished which you can print. An attached invoice can also be printed. You will also get an email from Ecwid (the store) and PayPal (if used) if you entered your email where requested. 4) if you make a mistake: open your shopping bag with the icon below the product pictures. Click on the "x" to the right of the item or items you want to delete. You can go back to shopping by clicking the "back to store" or "back to catalog" from any of the screens including the shopping bag and checkout. For registration fees:  click on the box. click "add to bag" for one person, then "checkout" or "back to catalog". To add a second person (or more), click "add more" before leaving the page. Once you have checked out and placed your order, any changes will have to coordinated through us at Thanks for your order.