By definition, a Funkhana should be fun. The event will be held Friday morning in the Meadows Parking Lot below the hotel. It involves a short track with several stops along the way, so practice getting in and out of your car, efficiently and with grace. You'll be tasked with completing a chore at each stop, most car related. You'll be judged on how quickly you complete the entire course and how well each chore is completed-or not completed. It gets interesting in a hurry. The event doesn't take that long to complete. It requires a driver and a navigator, so recruit a friend if you are a single. A liability waiver will be signed before you will be allowed to run the course. A leisurely breakfast buffet is in order at the hotel, and you'll have plenty of time following for taking in local sights or activities, or getting your official VOTR 2020 photo taken. The auction will be held at the hotel later in the afternoon.

Having fun in the Meadows Parking Lot in 2018.

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